Any tips on first day at a new work place?
I haven't been "the new employee" in a long time.. I'm not very social and quite nervous :/

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    Once the paperwork is done, hit the restroom and have a nice wank. Usually makes things better and calmer.

    You’re welcome. And congratulations on your new job! Good luck!!
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    Introduce yourself, pull the repo, grab a task, issue a PR, go home ☺️
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    @hatemyjob That's the.... most unique advice I've ever seen for a first day at work.
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    A lot of devs (myself included) find it easier to chat to new people on slack etc. than in person - so if that's the case for you, make use of it! Jump on the team / company slack (or hangouts or whatever else), say hi, introduce a bit about yourself, state that you'd love it if people could come and introduce themselves to you in person when passing, etc.

    In terms of the work side of things, don't be afraid to ask the "stupid" questions - best to get them out the way on your first few days! Just make sure you write the answers down or save them somewhere, so you don't have to scroll back through slack or ask Bob opposite what the link for the environment setup documentation is again...

    Beyond that, don't sweat it, appear helpful, look keen and eager, and I'm sure you'll do great! Good luck!
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    Definitely recommend picking up this book: https://amazon.com/dp/B07NDKVWZW/...

    As a high functioning autistic mutant, I rely on logical analysis of the person I'm talking to and the words they are saying, because I'm not going to get their feels. This is pretty good ammunition for training your social disarmament skills.
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    Just spend time on your phone, you will do it anyways later.
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    Don't clog up the toilet and get caught like in that one legendary rant here. Or was it just that they didn't know how to operate the toilet? I wonder if the rant is gone by now or still up?

    Anyway, stay away from that and you're golden!
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    I’m actually quite social and am comfortable going into new workplaces. My recommendation is to just focus on small talk, faking confidence, and appearing approachable on the first week. Write down names and notes when nobody is looking. Watch interactions and keep conversations light. By week two you know the workplace hierarchy and will feel more comfortable going deeper into things with people.
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    Try and get hold of a map of the building/etc. so you can more easily find your way from A to B.
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