When npm modules bring in 1500 micro dependencies for a service you could build in 15 minutes, it makes you wonder if you should, in fact, rebuild the wheel.

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    The answer is yes.
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    @Root Most definitely. And use some different "wood". In fact, burn the other one you were using before.
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    If you don't do it yourself without the dependencies, then you are part of the problem. So please do the right thing.
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    You should totally make a lib, so i can npm it in my projects 👍👍
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    It's interesting how in the past big all-in frameworks were cool.. And then suddenly it became super uncool, and ppl go for micro- light framework, where you require a bunch of parts you need, and might end up with a bigger code than the full framework... And worse project structure/optimization 🤔
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    A few days ago I needed a simple pagination. 5 fucking Megabytes of dependency bullshit.
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