oh many, not that I need them for my ego. Shit is large enough as it is, but four in particular:

Had two interns that told me that they had learn more from me in two weeks than they did from their progamming teachers the entire time they were in school, that I had a really good way of teaching and that I had restored their interest and faith in the world of software development.

My 60+ year old CTO that used to work in the financial sector as a developer way back in the day and then with heaven knows how many other tools tell me that I was on the top of his list for the best developers he has ever seen. Considering that I am 28 it meant a lot to me.

Also my previous manager currently living in a big city telling me that I completely outclass every other developer she works with over there.

My ex boss before working at my current institution telling one of our contractors that it was going to be damn near impossible to find a developer of my caliber. That I had set the bar far too high.

Shit is pretty cool man.

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    @Konstrukt nice! found the jealous cunt! it's ok bud, you will someday somehow manage to get some recognition on your own. Or not.
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    @Konstrukt lmao you were the one that came here to act like a total dickhead when it was not needed. Sorry if I don't bow down to your first unnecessary comment and hurt your feelings. I know reading comprehension might not be your strength, but the topic of the week literally asked for the ego boosting.

    btw to reply to people you hit the reply there, super pro.
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    @Konstrukt oh my I really hurt your feelings did I? Are you that much of a loud mouth outside of the safety of that keyboard there warrior? Bet you ain't.

    Typical internet idiot: Makes an offensive comment, gets bitchy when called out.

    Man, it must suck to be that much of a pussy. Must suck to be that much of a bitch :/ keep throwing insults, shit just looks sad :/
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    @Konstrukt Did you two have a past or something? That's an odd first comment.
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    @rutee07 first time I ever talked to the dude. I seriously have no idea what made him throw out that first comment to begin with and then get upset when I called him out on it. I am normally cool with everyone around this parts. But oh well. I would get it if I just posted this to flex out of nowhere.....but I mean c'mon now....the topic of the week asks for the most ego boosting thing(s) to have happened before and I just posted that.
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    @AleCx04 Yeah, I just had the same encounter yesterday, literally out of nowhere from some dude I've never seen in my life. He was called out on it and he started throwing tantrums and cursing at everyone.

    This behavior is so common and I wonder if it's just a symptom of micro penis or being an incel. All I know is the real tough guys in person don't pick fights with random strangers on the internet. Such insecure cowards.
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    @Konstrukt no, you see, he automated the rain dance so now we dont have to jump around the fire butt naked every other day
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    @yellow-dog ain't you supposed to be my boy?
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    @Dfox care to take a look at this?
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    @Konstrukt you started it bitch :D i was not the one that went on talking shit in your post, that was you. So yeah, if anything he would just block your whiny shit so i don't have to see your shit haha
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    so yet again @Dfox :D
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    and look here it continues @Dfox
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    @AleCx04 lmao this nigga blocked me, i aint seein their comments
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    @yellow-dog dfox deleted his stuff
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