The more I go through devRant the more I think I wanna work alone... or with a small group of devs I know 😐 (as in, freelancer or something. Not in a company)

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    @TsiTMC so many people complaining about bosses and PMs
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    Oh yeah.
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    I think a good subject for a future devRant podcast would be a successful tech entrepreneur that can give advice and tips on building a business based in their experiences and how they overcame challenges. What do you think?
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    @Jumpshot44 I think that's a great idea for a podcast. There seem to be too many companies out there ruled by people who have no notion of what coding involves (mostly in terms of deadlines, that's what I've read about the most here)

    @dfox if you need ideas for future podcasts, Jumpshot44 has a good one right here
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    The site name is devRant so you will see a lot of complains but that doesn't represent the general case
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    Yeah, @dfox, @Jumpshot44 had a good idea for a podcast...
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    @DotM in my experience if you have a boss you don't like in a small company this could be much worse
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