Today my grandmother called and told me she wasnt able to login to her account for her ISP. Alright, maybe shes confused about the passwords as we had to change it recently. No, turns out they still have this "oh sorry you typed your password incorrect three times, so we will lock your account and your granny have to do the 2 hour telephone queue"

You and your fucking outdated auth practise can go and kindly fuck yourself. Fix this shit before I get real mad.

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    Also, to add insult to injury, my grandmother didnt understand that her account was locked because they even managed to fuck up the encoding.
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    Yo this fucking funny. Can I laugh?
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    @Zer0day Yes you can, altho preferably at my grannys ISP
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    This reminds me of: Task successfully failed

    Message is there but its useless and leave users wondering what went wrong.
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    So they want people to angrily call them? Nice
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