Bored af last week,
It's almost the end of January,
Realized I don't have any resolution this year,
Impulsively ordered a new wacom intuos pro,
Then made this using my old bamboo tablet while waiting for the new one,

2020 resolution - learn to draw again

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    Looks good!

    First thought was of the character Chevette Washington from Virtual Light by William Gibson. Probably was the bike that did it.
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    @ddickenson first time I heard about it, sounds cool, I'll check it out,

    This is actually a redraw of a character I once drew,
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    No spoilers, I'm still trying to finish it after 17 years.
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    @SortofTested I loved the Sprawl series so I’m reading through the Bridge series now.
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    Sprawl was definitely the best. Neuromancer is still my GOAT. The difference engine was also great.
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    Ehh you've already learned how to draw. That sketch is very good.
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    "Learn to draw again"
    Fuck you. Fuck you very much.
    Sincerely: a person who can't draw for shit

    (Awesome drawing btw, the detailed face and hair look amazing. Also the bike's handlebars? Damn)
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    The game dev world is calling you!
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    @bittersweet @endor thanks, a bit of backstory, I tried to teach myself to draw long ago but kinda run out of motivation & resource midway, I meant to say continuing where I left off,

    I used a lot of pictures for the intricate parts as reference btw,

    @SHA-16384 interesting thoughts, not long ago I tried to make a simple bullethell shooter on HTML canvas, couldn't figure out how to make a patterned enemy movement properly and create a progressively generated levels so I haven't continued on it,
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    @SHA-16384 I think drawing lewd furries on commission basis nets you a higher salary... And it's ultimately less scarring than working in the game dev world.
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    @bittersweet The bitter truth here. Sweet.
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    I am so jealous rn
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    Man what resources did you use to teach your self drawing?
    I am trying to teach myself some. Below is how I drew Sherlock. I just hope I could draw better.
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    @sak96 I remember reading up on bunch of books and trying to follow on drawing tutorials,

    can't remember the exact title but here's some of what the books are about:
    - drawing anatomies
    - technical drawing (product design stuff)
    - creating comic art
    - artbooks
    - and a whole bunch of art magazines (imaginefx especially)

    Hope this helps, keep going at it
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    This man speaks the truth.

    Also the bamboo wasn't bad at the time. Didn't practice enough and very soon it became my sister's first tablet. They've grown so much as artists.

    Practice sometimes DOES make perfect or as near as can be.
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    Awesome artwork, well done, you're a great talent.
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