Okay, my first serious rant.

An acquaintance of mine when needed my help always explain his problem equivocally. Like, he would explain laboriously of the method to achieve what he needed when the thing he only needed is just a simple API call. Im not saying im an expert in this area but his explanation doesnt help me to understand his problem. If i do not understand his problem, how can i help him? At least if i know what his problem is and i cant help, i can seek help from others.

And hes not even working in the same company as me. And he wants it solved ASAP. I dont know your problem, yet you want me to solve it? I dont even know if im capable of solving it! And I have my own job to do..

He always try hard to explain it. He tried to sound professional. And he always ask for my help first because I knew he doesnt want others to know that he doesnt know how to code. Why do you apply for the position if you know you cant handle it?! Everytime. He's been fired before. And he did it again. I cant. We are fresh graduate. Apply for a fresh grad position. If you dont know anything, just said you dont know unless youre very quick to learn..

I remember once we need to submit a linux commands or something homework. We need to code it during the class and submit it by the end of the class. He asked me to code for him while mine is still half done. "Quicker please!" he remarked. There were still plenty of our classmates still doing it and some even havent done it yet. What the f are you rushing i felt like slapping him in the face with the keyboard at that time but because i am a matured adult i did not do it.

Hes not even a bully he just always get panic without reasons. He wants things done early and then he can post on social media. "Oh so tired this program is so complicated" or like "Oh damn, they want me to lead the group again (roll eyes emoticon)"...

Please somebody run over him.

Hes making me bald everyday and i think this is unhealthy. If he wants to get bald, get bald alone. I was just starting to work but my hair has been falling everyday.

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    @PublicByte he did at first offer to treat me like "please please ill buy you this and that". Me being an innocent at that time replies to him, "oh its nothing, its ok" Tsk.
    But after helping him continuously, ive grown wiser and my appearance started getting unkempt. thus i find a solution. I ignored him and pretends to sleep for several days. Upon waking up to a spam of messages and begs of offerings, i accepted. Now i use every little chance i have to live lavishly. But hes still very annoying to this day.
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    @rutee07 he does not get it. He just knows now that i accept his offer to treat me, he has to be very selective with his problem.
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    @PublicByte i might take this into account
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    This person has a fixed mindset because they think they can’t do something because it isn’t immediately obvious. Smart people get things easily right?

    You are looking at making the solution as the result of taking incrementally hard challenges. They are looking at making the solution as the result of being smart.

    There are books on this but this YouTube video explains most of it.
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    @irene woah, thanks for the share. I didnt know that
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