Had a rough time. Dropped out of college twice. Got sent by a shrink to be tested for ADHD. Investigation dropped after phone interviewing my scientology parents. Depressed and admitted to the ward twice. Homeless for a month.

But come Monday I'll start my employment as a COBOL developer. My first qualified job! Code and all resources for learning online has really saved me.

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    Good Luck for the new job!
    This can be your new home to share your thoughts.🎊🎉
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    I don't usually like language debates, but what made you choose COBOL?

    Did you already have some experience in it or was it a choice based on the avalibility/retainability of jobs or some other metric?
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    There are actually ways to get hold of your ADHD, I know from experience. But why would you start a dev job in cobol??
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    @CodeMasterAlex I could think of a few good reasons. If you wanted a nice government job or some job security then it would be a great language. There are several other good reasons, I'm also curious as to theirs.
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    I was offered a two year contract with a good salary (even if not working), so that covers safety. LinkedIn has been a blast lately as well. But I'll stay with my employer for the time being.

    Started looking at COBOL years ago since it reminded me of the C64 I had when the other kids had Playstations.
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    Effort never fails to anyone :)

    keep going son
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    @disco welcome to the cobol world! You're the first fellow cobol dev i have seen here :) will you be working on a Z machine or i series?
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    @Loeina iSeries is what is used in-house but I might be consulted out to a company that runs z/OS!

    Nice that there are other mainframers here. Got the COBOL down pretty well, but there is so much to learn surrounding it in the systems. :D
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    All the best!!
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    @disco cool! I have only been on z/OS but iSeries is... more simple?

    Cobol by itself is fairly straight forward but the behind the curtain stuff is a lot to take in.. DB2 packages etc.

    Will you use IMS or CICS as a transaction manager?
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    @Loeina I do not know yet. We'll see soon!
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    Goodluck my friend, life is sometimes not easy but stories like yours make me want to get up from my bed and make the best use of my time.
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    @disco do tell when you know! You'll have a very bright and fun future ahead of you :)
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