The difference between small and large companies is astounding when applying for jobs.

Small: "What can you do?"
Big: "What do you look like and speak like?"

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    Large companies want to be "diverse" and PC.
    Small companies want to get things done.
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    It's no surprise that small companies outpace and out-innovate large ones.

    Until the small company grows and turns into what it hated. See Apple, Google, etc.
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    This is the life cycle of all companies with few exceptions.

    "Small, dedicated to quality." -> Grows massive and gargantuan and now no longer has the attension span "throws quality to the wind, and focuses on QUANTITY QUANTITY QUANTITY."

    And then it dies by being eaten (bought), fails to adapt or old age (bankruptcy), or starves because of a competitor (loses market share and is eaten or goes bankrupt).

    So if it seems like "everything I enjoy or rely on turns to pure shit!" it's because it does. But it also means everything is made new again, when something similar comes along.

    It's the CIRCLE OF (Corporate) LIFE!
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    @Wisecrack dammit 😉
    But seriously, currently looking for a new job because the small company I joined grows like cancer. I have a hunch that a company should grow carefully like a bonsai instead. Oh well...
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    would alway choose the small one
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    "I have a hunch that a company should grow carefully like a bonsai instead"

    Congratulations. People will probably still quoting or paraphrasing this in 50-100 years. I wonder if they'll know it was you?
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