my instructor forgot to do Cengage shit right again... why me...

Assignment wants me to "go do a thing to sort 3 numbers with if/else statements"

I'm going to use a list and list.sort() as i'm not stupid and these are bad habits to teach...

...or not.

(I know I can put the values into the right vars and then print those but that feels so wrong to me for something that's gonna be printed ONCE. That also doesn't help as it's searching for if/else statements... although it's not searching for a whole one... nor in actual code...)

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    did it while maintaining a small shred of decency and good coding habits... I hope.
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    Destroy him in the post class review session. Terms like "blisteringly incompetent" are useful for this.
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    Why sort if you do nothing with the sorted list? min(numList) and max(numList) would suffice.

    Also, numList[-1] for the last element.

    Why are you on a course for beginners anyway?
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    @electrineer prereqs...
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