DataStage is a very expensive pile of crap; just like anything from IBM.

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    And the vendor support/consultant class around it are a bunch of grifters.
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    In my opinion, IBM has lived on waaay past its expiration date, kinda like many of the satellites up in Earth's orbit.
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    Same experience here.
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    This. Fuck.ing.This.

    The horror stories I have to tell about IBM, their software and their shitshow cavalcade of illiterati troglodyte window lickers they've apparently just pulled off the streets, sat in a chair and send a bill for.
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    @SortOfTested it would be better for morale for the business to take all the money spent on IBM and set it on fire in front of all IT than have to deal with IBM.
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    Can't argue with that. One of the clients I'm currently working with, IBM has their hooks in deep. I wrote a set of 4 endpoints, billed about 3 days for all the work. IBM turned around and billed 5 man months to proxy the calls between systems, and actually broke the data contract in transit.

    IBM can fucking burn.
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