So in earlier rant i said stuff about 4.14 on my phone.
Like calls not waking up the device so you would not even know somebody called you.
Or that mic wasnt working.
Mic was kind of easy as it was just a regulator disabling itself. After setting voltage and enabling in manually we had working mic. Now the actual cause of that was funny. The character limit for regulators with adress and everything was 64. Well surprise surprise our was just 3 chars longer and thus not getting set.

I debugged it and other person fixed it.

Now for the calls. That was tricky. How do you want to debug something if the IRQ call to wake up isnt even there.
Thats the hint. IRQ call isnt there. So we had similar issue on 4.9. Looking at the fix for 4.9 and we saw nothing that wasnt there already. Then i noticed that 2 flags were still there. One for making the device mask IRQ calls and second to skip wake signals. Yup that would fit why we cant see them and why its not waking up.
Removing them as it is in 4.9 and quick build on my fast fast server and its fixed.

Surprisingly enough that fix was PRed by me as i found the solution.
I didnt feel amazing fixing it but when every dev in that group who is like above me in so many levels in android porting was like yeah good job Haxk20 and virtual patted me. Now that felt fucking amazing.

I said before they wont brainspoon you the solution to some issue. They make you debug it yourself and fix it on your own. As if they gave you solution you will take it and learn shit from why the F it worked. Im making progress in debugging android and kernel and it feels amazing.

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