We are a small company, and our CEO and CTO attends our daily standups(not sure why)

At the end our CTO, after a little discission with our PM, goes: “This” is more importent and should be gone first - its money to the company.

Pm: Fine but then “that” wont be worked on for now.
Cto: ohh okay, but “this” is really importent, so do it first.

Standup done, people returns to work.
1 minut later, Cto comes into the dev room.

Cto: “something else” is also really really importent.
Pm: ok, so then we do “something else” instead and we will put “this” on standby for now.
Cto: and remember “operation” has the highest priority of all.

For fuck sake... just pick one or decide what it is you want....

Cto has no clue to what he is doing. Does not have a long term plan, other then get money into the company based on really short term goals.

Easy to say im not his biggest fan, and I am a 100% sure he knows this.

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    Just let them choose prioritisation from this, with no more than one task in each category ;)
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    Ignore him and just focus on one task.
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    Stay vigilant and remember; we solve problems (say last part dramatic for effect)

    For real you should point out it passive aggressively:
    It's great that we have such clear priorities and strategy from upper management. You cannot imagine how vital that is for our success!
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    Sounds a lot like my last place. Priorities changed multiple times a day, CEO didn't understand how to organise projects and we often had like 10 going at a time, with a team of like 5 devs. As you can imagine timescales kept slipping and everyone was super stressed. Glad I got out when I did.
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    Sounds like my former cto found himself a job at your company
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