Sometimes I feel that us IT employees are very much spoiled.
# Work from anywhere in the world , sometimes even in your underwear.
# Work at anytime.
# Opportunity to learn everyday.
# Well paid.

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    Work overtime without pay? So fast deadlines? Incomplete user stories and the sprint will start?
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    No recognition? Viewed as magic monkeys? Treated like cows?
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    That's one way of looking at it.

    I've never worked with a company of any size that was okay with you working remotely even half the time.

    I've worked with lots of companies that expected you to work all the time. On call, unpaid overtime, ticket duty, attend offshore stand-ups at 5am. When you tally it up, your actual per hour isn't very good when you're working 12 hours a day. I don't consider any of that a privilege after spending ~$50,000 on an undergrad.

    Salaries have been negative trending in this industry vs cost of living since the 90s on average, depressed by business tactics designed to devalue and falsely commoditize our labor. This is most notable in that recent graduate project managers bill roughly equivalent to senior engineering resources on a contract basis, which is bureaucratic insanity. That's before even broaching the subject of everyone being forced into contractorship.

    The lion's share of companies have no interesting or modern problems to solve. 70% of IT orgs are still grappling with whether or not the cloud is safe, not how they should adopt it.

    It may be better depending on where you're from, but where I'm at, the only good, competitive jobs are in startups or select high end tech companies. IT is just bloated nonsense.
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    I agree with @SortOfTested.

    Don't get me wrong @BlueSky, this is what the job description should be and I actually allow my team all those perks (this makes my job difficult but the team happy).

    But the sad truth is that those perks are rare, like really really rare.

    We need to stop spreading lies. Just look at all those bootcamps full of illusory promises: full stack in 6 months, 100% students got a job immediately, so well paid, good work/life balance.

    The truth is it's the best job if you can stay for the long run... most juniors will either shit jobs with a decent pay but lots of unpaid overtime. Most juniors will go into burnout and leave the field.

    This is bad and a negative trend.

    Edit: also we have a very high rate of depression... that says it all.
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    It is once you get a good internet connection and provider.
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    or get frustrated and stressed alot and die young because of health issues
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    @Devnergy that image lol
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    @SortOfTested 50,000$ !! Wow. That's just too much.
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