If software developers / engineers and various other technical people stop serving banks and governments and become free minded we’re be having our own clothes and food served to us whenever we want and where we want by now.

Fucking capitalism and stupid dickheads.

I think being able to be served by robots in your own house to provide you everything you need is first step for long spaceship trips that can take over galaxies.

Living on this planet is boring as fuck.

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    Gene Roddenberry agrees.
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    @SortOfTested R.I.P.

    I started watching Picard on Prime it looks nice so far.

    Would be nice to live in 3000s then 2000s when it all started.
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    I dream of a dev shop that feeds the employees from the farmland it's on, has housing on site, solar-powered, and has very few expenses. A self sufficient software company that can afford to design things well and have long time frames bc the food bill and rent are all taken care of.

    A software dev commune!
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