Hurry up before sale ends. Now you can get Samsung internet Browser at a discount space for just 45.92 MB instead of 61.55 MB

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    coding on paper be like
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    Why are you downloading it, that's an even worse browser than Internet Explorer (according to my book at least)
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    @gitpush my guess is for testing purposes
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    @jonii aah fair enough
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    Or simply to troll people into thinking that this is a very great and cheap deal?
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    I guess they're trying to compare the size of the update with the size of installing the app from scratch. (There was a time when apps didn't update incrementally but had to be re-downloaded in their entirety. When app stores got the feature of incremental updates, they started highlighting it this way)
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    * Data is money *
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    What's bad about it? It's just a rebranded chrome with a few Samsung mods on top.

    I wish Apple would just take Chrome/FF, slap an Apple logo on it and call it Safari. That would solve a lot of problems we have with iOS end users.
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    @gitpush from a user perspective its pretty nice. From a web dev perspective I agree. Too bad you gotta support it these days
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    @musician good luck doing that :/
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    @bittersweet I only used it once on an S3 lol not sure how it is now
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    what the heck is that even shown for?
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    They should show the rating as 5 stars but strike last one.
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    Or just 2 easy downloads of $22.96
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    Samsung Internet is somehow the Internet Explorer of Android except that it uses a modern engine.
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    @bittersweet Granted, Apple isn't exactly winning Web dev hearts, but what problem do you have with iOS _end users_? Poor folks got no choice.

    Except going Android of course.
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    Can someone explain to me why it's doing that? :p
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