Recently got hired for my first full-time role and I am overcome with joy, but also terrified of not living up to expectations =/

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    Welcome to devrant and congrats. Dont worry we all learn one step at a time. Fake it till you make it.
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    The impostor syndrome is real.

    Just keep learning, and good luck!
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    be confident, you will know a lot more then you think you might not..

    I started in a agency that only works with software X as a Senior Developer without any knowledge of software X..
    Still dont know alot about it, still working there after 2 yrs..

    Don't worry, i'm sure your good enough, or they wouldn't have hired you.
    They believe in you, now believe in yourself and all will be fine,
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    We all learn quickly and in a few weeks it will all be routine. But don't be shy to use the "I'm new - explain it to me" card. Better to pretend to know less than more than you actually know. It's much more painful to have to confess after a month that you didn't understand something.

    Remember. We are not hired because of the things we know as much as for being used to learn.
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    I'm in the same boat buddy.
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    Been doing this same dev thing for more than 15 years. Still getting anxious when I start at a new place, though I am good at faking it.

    Impostor syndrome is indeed real till they actually see some benefit.
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    Ah I am in the same exact position. First job out if uni and I've been here for a month now. Pretty nerve-wracking sometimes. But I love it.
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