I gave resignation so am on my last weeks. The top priority is suddenly an authentication service that is completely unfamiliar, proprietary, requires me to RTFM, and requires contact with a slothful vendor about details for our specific instance. Can you do it on a 10 day deadline?

“Are you sure this wouldn’t be a better fit for someone that has implemented this authentication system before? Someone with existing relationships with contacts that manage the authentication service? Maybe I should be the one transferring my understanding of the other 60k lines of code that I singlehandedly wrote? I’m starting from zero here. Maybe it would be good for the guy who isn’t leaving to do this one so that he can retain the knowledge of the authentication system for next time you need to implement it?”

They just plug their ears now because they clearly don’t trust me due to my resignation state. Just do it. Wow.

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    I'd file for a two-week sick leave but then again, I have no morals.
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    No. Just say no
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    Or just "read" manuals for like 8 days, write on the 9th an email with some "questions" about the system to the vendor and finally go on stfu on the 10th day.... ;) :D

    In the end, that's just an excuse to silence you for the last few days.
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    Good that you are leaving that place. If they put pride above doing the right thing, better run away.

    Even if they don't trust you for sensible stuff, it makes much more sense, as you said, to transfer the knowledge you have instead of starting from scratch on a service you never touched (damn, that's even worse if they don't trust you!).
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    @rutee07 you have no hair either. Coincidence?
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    @castarco I had a bunch of conversations about the task and was going to pull code out of another project and adapt it. The one dev from the other project tells me info and I relay the results to the PM. Then later I find out that they double checked what I relayed for accuracy with him.
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    "Hey! You! Person I don't trust! Implement our authentication system!"
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    @bahua Haha. I hadn’t even considered that.
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    @rutee07 Depending on where you're from, the employer may have the right to extend the resignation period to cover the sick leave.
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    @HerrNyani I gave them as much notice as I could because it seemed like the decent thing to do. They only want less notice time than I offered. They won’t even take me up on that. 😅

    To which I think, “Alright. That’s on them.”
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    Your response should have been, "Can't you give it to someone who is not on notice period and gives a fuck about your stupid project and it's stupid deadline".
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    @kai18 I could but there is a very tight tech sector network in my city. If I told people to suck lemons at the end of a few projects I would have a hard time finding a job.
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