Junior dev who thinks he's hot shit decides to call me a dyke because he didn't like my code review.

Told him his wife enjoys calling me daddy.

He went pale and asked how I knew he was married. He wears no visible ring. I just smiled. "My dyke powers told me so."

He's since been weirdly docile around me, and I am okay with this.

His code still hasn't passed review even after he swore it was just me having a 'power trip'. His boss also rejected the code and probably heard what happened.

I hate working on-site for clients.

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    How is that ok? I mean it isn't, but how were they not immediately sacked?
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    +1 for immediate sacking. Slurs directed at coworkers is the definition of "the line."
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    @SortOfTested I totally agree, yet sometimes the world just isn't fair. I've seen destruction of company property, insults thrown left and right, yet no action taken...
    I'm glad that OP knocked him down a peg or two though.
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    Repelled by the 'dyke' comment. Intrigued by the response. Glad you were able to stand up for yourself.
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    YES. ++ for dyke powers used to smite people who say dyke. Get it.
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    @SortOfTested @daveq His boss did hear him and it is likely he will be sacked. I am a contractor to their company, which I'm glad this company doesn't consider me an "other" when talking about the project I'm helping with.

    I'm betting he'll not be there tomorrow, since it is incredibly bad for the company, both legally and socially, to have employees say things like that.
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    Fuck that guy, not literally. God, that was unnecessary. These people are multiplying.
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    Personal insults because of a code review? This guy needs to be fired... out of a cannon into the sun!
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    What's a dyke?
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    @Wack an insulting way to say lesbian.

    Waiting for updates, was he fired?
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    Oh, in that case, fuck that guy!
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    Dictionary: barrier, obstacle, boom, rail, dam, dyke. Any chance he meant that? Also, if I were a woman I'd enjoy being called a dyke, I think. It's like saying "you've got balls" to a man.
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    @cprn when used in OP's context it's definitely meant as an insult.
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    Aaand the guy's fired. See OP's next rant.
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    Shitty experience but awesome comeback.

    Really feel sorry for his wife if he calls you that word at work then imagine how he treats her?

    I hope she leaves his ass for a butch daddy....the irony
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    There's no need for him to lose his job, he's already been humiliated by the op, knows his place and corrected his behavior.

    Having a spat with someone != Jobloss.
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    @cervantes01 he lost his job because he hadn't corrected his behavior, see previous comment with link to new rant
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    @kescherRant fair enough, missed that comment - thanks for pointing that out.
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