my colleague claims that clang format isn't working in xcode and therefore he can't properly format
i suspect that he is just too lazy to set it up ..
anyone using clangformat in xcode?

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    Coworkers: one can't set up Xcode, the other doesn't get that this isn't Shitter and uses stupid hashtags. Checks out.
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    thanks for the clarification
    I read tags, so I did tags .. sorry if this bothers you
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    btw fyi hashtags aren't used exclusively on shitter any more..
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    but I'll do them properly next time, I promise
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    @alexoz btw, when you click on "reply" for replying to a specific comment, that triggers a notification like the one that you'll see in your notifications for this comment. With 50 notifications, most people won't check back unless being specifically replied to.
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    @Fast-Nop whoopsi .. missed that too
    thx (:
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