I'm sorry, but who thought eslint or any linters for that matter were a good idea.

Started a new vue project using the cli, installed tailwind... oh what's that you don't like the line length... get out of here. It's an SVG and using a class-based framework. The hell.

Any way of removing eslint? I just want to code and not get bs warnings because of an svg length or because I add one to many classes.

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    iirc, every linter provides you with the capacity of disabling certain warnings. You can do that system-wide (on a file inside of linter's install folder), on your project (in a config file) or in-line.

    It's just a matter of checking this linter's docs. :v
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    @PublicByte oh I know where and why there used but I'm just trying to disable the damn thing.
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    Add an eslint config file and disable the rule
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    @DarkMelchiah I have a babel config and editor config.
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    Add an .eslintrc.
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    Google your dumb question instead of writing senseless rant.
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    @Avimelekh behave yourself. Devrant has no stupid rants.
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    Create eslintec bro then add those rules bro.
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    I dunno, Ben
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    @AlgoRythm I just added the rule to the package JSON
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    @HolyTeabags ok nice work, Ben
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    @AppleLover yeah I get rules and stuff are needed I use a few of them. But when your working with SVGs and stuff just running into a warning for that sounds silly.
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    ever thought about unselecting the eslint option in the cli when it asks you which features you want instead of having it installed and disabled

    I work with vue too and I have a very strict eslint config, even with a limit of 80 characters per line. I've never managed to have a line break that rule and be unfixable
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    You should create seperate svg files instead of embedding them in js
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    @hack I know, I do that when the svg is finalised for now though I'm only testing.
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