My smartphone's fingerprint reader just stopped working, after EXACTLY 36 months of usage.

I always took care of this device to make it last, as I'm worried about resources consumption and what the production chain involves (like having working children in African mines).

I'll try to keep using it as long as possible, but I can't stop thinking that this problem shouldn't be always on us, the consumers, suffering defective devices designed to last only for two years.

We should put more pressure on producers to reduce electronic waste, and to invest more on the maintenance & repairing sectors (which are almost non-existent).

That's all folks.

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    Here is directly related to dev environment issue I can get behind. I like the move of the auto industry to make cars serviceable by the consumer. We should push for that. If the reader dies then you can just replace it.

    Honestly I would like to see modular phones that we can add the features we want rather than monolithic models. This may be tricky with FCC licensing though.
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    Get fairphone 3:


    My fairphone 2 already passed 3 years of usage without any issue.
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    So basically you're asking companies to loose money...

    The fact is and will always be (unless we scrap the free market idea, if we're feeling murderous) that it is literally always our fault.
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    @Demolishun checkout project ara , the most promising idea that google killed
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