Building out our new prototypes API with .NET core. Whats special about this decision is we primarily work with php, node.js and ruby for our server side needs.

After playing with C# for a few months though, I felt as if we were being neglectful in our own experience by not experimenting with a strict typed language with the amount of projects we undertake.

I'll say C#s documentation is exquisite. Php's docs give me what I expect which is "this method takes string, array, ect. It returns a string under these circumstances, array under these and therefore returns mixed. Great, no biggie. Its fast as hell to write with and no one minds writing an "instanceof" or "isArray()" here and there to make sure things are cohesive.

But working with C#/.Net im learning is a whole other ball game. Documented to the moon and back for any given topic. It seems to be focused more so around the correct engineering of low level components and following specific paradigms then it is "getting shit done" while still offering the tools and interfaces needed to scaffold turn key APIs.

I dont know how I'll feel coming out of this build but diving into its currently eye opening.

This is dUcKtYpEd diverging from his roots.

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    Welcome to the party 🍻
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    I will say though im disappointed in the lack agnosticism when exploring the various tools it offers. Identity is reliant on either an SQL server or Azure. Thats some shit.
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    Only with the visual studio/windows stuff. I lean either okta or identityserver 4 :)
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    Note: Been only since half a year with Java...

    Most Java stuff seems to be undocumented... Ebeans documentation is non existent... Elasticsearch documentation exists, but lacks depth. And so on...

    Working with C# was pretty easy... Except for serialization, where I found the documentation (more the API) pretty braindamaged.

    PHP is a bit mixed. It has a pretty bad rap, but when you ban stackoverflows mostly outdated solutions and realize there are a lot of gems on Planet PHP, it gets better.... When I compare Doctrines doc against Ebeans, it's a bit like Encyclopedia Britannica vs DIN A4 Page with "You can do it" as content.
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    @dUcKtYpEd it really isn't, I use identity with Postgres on AWS.
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    @IntrusionCM my 2 years with java was not much fun.
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    @LMagnus any advice or links that could assist
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    I'm using Rust in publicly accessible backend stuff as it prevents possible memory related vulnerabilities while still being fast.
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