Because sharing is caring.
For anyone whom cares, I've extracted the CoronaVirus data for total infected / deaths from the world health organisation and shoved it into applicable csv files per day.

You can find the complete data set here:


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    Hehehe. My brain interpreted this as "Because sharing is caring, share the corona virus to everyone you care about."

    Reminds me of the guy this morning who tried to walk in to the elevator as soon as it opened. In the exact time, I was getting out and sneezed against his chest. I covered my mouth and nose though I regret not going all out and crying into his chest saying, "I'm dying.."
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    @rutee07 That was my immediate thought too 😅

    Also: omg why didn't you? Such a lost opportunity!
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    @rutee07 you know what, yea I probably should have read that before posting.

    Also, hahahahaha 😂 get him next time.
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    This is the way 👍
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    @vane that is so hard to follow on mobile 🤔 But a good idea for visualising the data.
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