Is it just me that feels there now no longer a need to upgrade your phone whenever the next iteration is out?

The next big thing I can see is VR.... and well that's nowhere near happening as much as they've tried...

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    💯. I was forced to replace my OG pixel due to deprecation, which sucked. I can't see upgrading again until foldables become great.
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    I have never upgraded a phone just because a new iteration was out.

    I only upgraded either because the phone I had was hopelessly obsolete, or because it broke.

    Pity for my previous phone, for example, a Nexus 5X which suddenly stopped working after 3 years of use, and even though it's a known manufacturing defect, apparently the repair-for-free program does not apply to the EU…
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    @SortOfTested I had the original Google phone, Galaxy Nexus, as my first. I ended up switching to a custom rom when Google wouldn't upgrade it... Or maybe was already using already so just upgraded it...

    The reason I had to replace it was bc the USB port stopped working so couldn't charge.

    Got a OnePlus 1 which a replaced with a OP6 a few years ago but only because I wanted a better camera. It's still sitting in my drawer and works fine...I just never use it anymore...
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    You definitely have a faster upgrade cycle than I do 😌
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    @SortOfTested I thought Pixel 1? Came out near when OPO came out. I got the OPO I think cuz it was cheaper and better then the Google phones at the time.

    Oh and they let you root without voiding warranty.
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    Really phones don't get much better nowadays, they are all the same. So it's not just you
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    Unless planned obsolescence or something faulty kicks in, the only reasons to get a new one are better resale value or if the new model has something that the old one doesn't (yes, this still happens). Too bad that there are less and less trustworthy manufacturers who offer phones at reasonable prices.
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    I’ve had my iPhone 6 since 9th grade in high school about 5-ish years ago
    I plan to switch to some android when I save up enough to financially justify the change
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    Still rocking my SE. I despise the ass backwards UI but the phone is great for quick photos, Telegram and payments. Plus it's small and durable. No need to switch till I drop it into a sewer or it dies.
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