On the top of a mountain, while skiing, -6 °C, no gloves, on my phone.

I use a live wallpaper I made with Processing and it uses gps location and forecast datas to change the background image according to the environment and climate. It sucks and drains battery like a bitch, and as soon as I got the top of the mountain it fucked up everything, home screen froze and camera wouldn't open.

So guess what, it was debug time. Hands dead cold and APDE with no autocomplete on a smartphone keyboard. The agony.

My gf yelled at me and after 10 minutes I switched to a static wallpaper, uninstalled that one and never touched it again since then

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    The moment a non-nerd/tech gf begins to consider another relationship.

    Just hit the slopes next time!
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    It may not have been fixable other than ignoring the GPS data. A lot of GPS chips will not work at higher altitudes. Something about using them in missiles or some such. What was the height of that mountain (above sea level and relative to the surrounding area)?
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