So what exactly does "Learning" mean in a tech industry?

From my experience,
"learning" from college's pov
"Welcome to the class. your parents has paid us already for this. Now we are supposed to stand here for next 6 months, study very slowly and learn about the topics of our curriculum and give a test on it. we might as well make a good nice project to check our knowledge"
(worst college will also add "Sorry the above message was just fiction, i am here to drink tea & enjoy my day,while you guys are here to enjoy,mark attendance and get a degree because we only care about our reputation and we are gonna pass you anyway")

"learning" from startups pov:
"Here is an idea, here is a design, here is your months salary and here is your deadline.
Make a 100% polished,working product out of it before the deadline. You are solely responsible for this project and you have to figure out on your own how to make our fantasy idea into reality before deadline hits( else you are shit).
This way you learn.
We will also provide you with a free all time learning course on how to be fine without getting any respect for your hardwork and tolerate our insults, which will help you in the life long journey of dealing assholes.
Our company is great and providing you an amazing learning opportunity, kiss our feet."
(worst startups will also add "We don't have/ wont provide you any seniors to help you with this stuff, the internet is your source of truth"/ "if you don't hit the deadline, your salary will get deducted"/ "work on weekends to hit the deadline")

"Learning" from an MNC pov (never really experienced those but from what i have heard):
"Welcome to our company. we here provide you with a similar experience as that of your shitty college during training period and then put you in low brain-ish low paying repetitive job for life until you leave us or we find a replacement for your work or salary"

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    "learning" from college's pov :

    "Oh, have I also mentioned that 80% of what you learn here will be useless if you decide to have a career outside of academics?
    But it's totally worth it though because our society still value high our piece of paper called accreditation"

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    Learning from my unicersity's point of view was, "here's the coursework and some lecture. If you're worth a fuck we will notice and you'll get personal time and lab work as work study. If you're useless wrote the check fuck off and hope we don't fail you."

    Learning is a continuous process throughout the course of your life. Analytical knowledge, the ability to derive from first principles is the most valuable thing humanity ever produced.
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    @SortOfTested college pov changes from college to college. The problem is how this definition changed from college to work life .
    Kinda difficult to "learn" in an environment where you know that 1 small mistake can cost all your lifelong compromises of working in a stressed schedule , living away from home, tolerating the insults and shoutings of the boss, and a decent salary and career hope
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    @SortOfTested the sad fact is , i experienced it and now know about this even though i haven't even finished my college life yet :/
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