Am I the only one to HATE yml ?

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    No, I do too. Ugh
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    By far not.
    This overly complex piece of shit needs to die as fast as it came to life.

    The specification for YAML is more complex than fucking XML.
    Mind you, XML includes shit like XPath,XSLT,Schemas and what not.
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    May I ask why you hate it? I'm kinda indifferent, but tend to use it for configuration stuff - find it way easier to read than XML, and JSON doesn't allow comments which immediately rules it out.
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    @AlmondSauce all the syntax is based on whitespaces
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    Yaml use a syntax based on Python, using indentation to define blocks.
    I have a personal problem with Python because it thinks it can obligate me to use it's indentation (I do what I want)...

    Whatever, I have (psychology?) problems with Python, but I'm ok with Yaml... 😂
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    @Eldius yeah I get you, I hate whitespace based languages as well. BURN PYTHON, DIE IN A FIRE
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    Only use yml if they are autogenerated, I refuse to edit yml‘s unless it’s just a small testing change.
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    @Mr-Myrk Ruby ruby rubyyyy
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    i really don't see the issue... yml is so much clearer and straightforward compared to JSON or - deities forbid! - XML

    Just use adrienverge/yamllint, extend default config, lint your y(a)ml files and be happy.
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    @NeatNerdPrime Or, stop wasting time and just make a json.
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    @010001111 Unfortunately that would give me even more headache!

    As @AlmondSauce stated, a big plus with yaml is comments in the files.

    Also i work extensively with Puppet. A Key component is Hiera. Simulating such a parser with another format is literally asking for torture and agony.

    You do You mr/mrs/nby bitstream but i agree to disagree with you.
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    @NeatNerdPrime Json5 has comments. But yes, I get you. Escaping is also super annoying.

    Basically, yaml is the reason I always have:
    - Visual indicators for tabs/spaces
    - Rainbow effect to visually distinguish between tabs/space in aspect of previous&next lines
    - light gray outlines of the intendation level I‘m in

    Edit: My gender would cast to type any.
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    I like it. It's fast to write and easy to read.
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    It works as well as anything else. I don't care if I'm not the one that has to parse it.
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    You can write YAML not parsable (or even properly representable) in some languages.

    Multiple ways to represent the same structures.
    Multiple ways to represent types.
    Multiple ways to represent multiline strings, all with different behaviour.

    Type guessing ("yes" != yes as the latter is boolean, but "nope" == nope as both are strings) and ugly type enforcing.

    Escaping, already mentioned by someone (especially cumbersome when using a YAML "templates" like for Salt).

    Parsers often offer unsafe loading function (e.g. by allowing native objects or passing objects to shell commands).

    Three variants of standard compliance - will the most parsers support all three, it is allowed to only support one.
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