So our HR have recently started to enforce arrival/departure time while also giving us a room for freedom (we can be at work from 7:30 till 9:00 and leave accordingly from 4:30-6:00)
So 2 weeks ago my manager asked me why on a date I didn't checkout/checkin, I looked out in my vacation log and sure enough it was a day off. I said to myself maybe be ause this day was requested last year they didn't remember it no problem
Anyway fast forward to today and my manager asked me why on the 25th of January I left (early) at 1?
What? I don't remember leaving early except for one day last week (Feb 7-personal reasons and was requested days before)
So i check my vacation log to see if I forgot something and i see that Jan 25 is a Saturday. We don't work on Saturdays! I go and check with my manager telling him that.
Then it hits me. I checked my taxi app and on Sat Jan 25 I had a ride at 1:22 AM!! from work to home. Yes i remembered that on that day I had to stay late for a project
Sorry for the long post

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    On a side note, how do you feel about mandatory 9 hr checkout( fresher here)? Do you live near/far off from the office?

    My life became a living hell when i had to travel 4+ hours and dedicate 9 hours to the company ( which used to go up to 10-11 hrs if there's a meeting , so total of 13-15 hrs)
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    I live in a small country. If you live very far from work it would take you like 2 hrs to get there and rare are the people who does that. Me personnally, I only need like 20 min by car or up to 1 hour by bus (i can even-and did- walk home from work it take about an hour and a half)
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    @StopWastingTime I don't have a dictionary here at hand but isn't what you describe the definition of "slavery" ?😅
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    @ste09 yeah in india we call it job
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