So i should be going through training, but I'm actually just doing nothing most of the time and am feeling a bit unwelcome.
And i see there are some problems with the documentation, i mean, there is basically no written documentation, just 2yo video tutorials.
So, the logical course of action is to:
> keep waiting to be trained (in the same thing i'd write documentation to),
> try to write the documentation and show to my supervisor, offering to take care of it or,
> ask first, write later?

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    Writing first and asking later shows initiative and will bring you some recognition (some will think of you as a show off) but if the work is not valued or the software is do for a rewrite anyway, your boss will thi k that you just wasted time.

    Asking could work just fine, except if your boss does not like that, but people that might look bad because of it might stop that from happening or go for other underhanded tactics.

    It is hard to say if you don't have experience with colleagues and management, but just waiting to get trained is the worst option as it could look like your just lazy.
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    @p100sch I'm starting to write it rn, i will just have to be very soft as why i am doing this since the tutorials are made by both my supervisor and the company's founder. Can't just say "documentation is shit" unfortunately.
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    @Kashmir documentation is just lies waiting to happen! Refactor their code instead, make it tell the truth!
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    @ArcaneEye I'm actually a member of the support team. Unfortunately i can't refactor their code, it would be basically Ctrl + A, Delete tho
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