If I had a company. I would only accept code for application. Grades, gender, age... i couldn't care less

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    that's exactly how it should be, all ran with git no forms or anything. just a small hour code test to submit with git. if the code is well written and does what it's supposed to do pull their name and email from the git commits and talk to them
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    It's illegal to consider age and gender when hiring, isn't it?
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    @Christine it does happen though, they just have to say you're not a good culture fit.
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    While I agree in principle, it would've meant I'd not have got my job!
    Attitude and the ability to learn and adapt quickly should also be key indicators :)
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    @pyrotazz a blind code test wouldn't cut off just starting developers, if anything it would get more in the door since degrees wouldn't matter anymore
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    If the world keeps going as it has been, I'm sure you'll have to take those things into account on hiring. And many other things like race, height, weight, hair colour, favorite song, etc. Anything but merit!
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    @jckimble I didn't just mean my insane lack of coding skills :p
    The company technically didn't have a job vacancy, but the boss liked my attitude and work ethic (I was doing a kind of internship) so they hired me!
    Right place, right time - which I've always found is a major factor in getting the job :)
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