Terminator's broadcast feature is nice.
However, it's fragile as crap, and oftentimes sends duplicate characters, or adds garbage.

Quite awhile ago I posted a PSA on how to fix it (by killing ibus) but now it's broken for me again. And due to just how it broke, I've given up on fixing it. Instead of broadcasting one or two duplicate characters like before, it now hangs for many seconds because it's broadcasting THREE BLOODY MEGABYTES WORTH OF DUPLICATES with every keystroke.

Like, seriously?
How do you fail that hard?

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    It just wants to suck hard I guess.
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    I feel I should specify that the 3mb of duplicates wasn't an exaggeration. I don't have the exact character count, but each keystroke sent over 3 million characters to each receiving terminal in the broadcast group, which in my usual setup is four, for a total of 12 million characters per keystroke.
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    This is the point where you find the devs' addresses, steal their laptops, and publicly shame them for whatever hellscape they have created in their source code. /s
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