You start new job and take over huge codebase without tests and documentation.

It turns out programming language is custom language made by previous developer who was the only one maintaining project.

There is no source version control.

Language runs in vm developed in Fortran.

No one cared to this day cause everything was working.

Project is critical for multi billion dollar corporation that sells medical equipment that keep people alive.

You can’t test your code on real devices only on virtual ones that were made using same custom language but you can’t find source code for it.

Previous developer accidentally died before you were hired.

You signed contract with penalties that will ruin your life.

Your first task is to add “small” feature.

Good luck !

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    Previous developer died because of own faulty medical equipment
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    Then you need to find another job as you maybe on probation or don't work so you get fired
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    Add a "small" feature. Hahahahah... (Laughing like a maniac)
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    Then you finally wake up from the dream
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    @Drekel *nightmare
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    @shoop Yikes!
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    Make yourself "accidentally die" and then move to Canada
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    @shoop agreed 🤣
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    Well, might as well follow him
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    I just stared at a blank comment window for at least 5 minutes, because fuck0
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    Leave!! As fast as possible. Healthcare companies are really scary like that. Stuff like default values being fatal..
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    I mean how senior can you get lol
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    That sounds like the darkest nightmare for any developer (alive).
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    Unable to test on an actual device sounds exactly like a huge liability and I would scream this at my boss with the same hair pulling fury of someone trying to convince a crowd of ignorant savages that a giant fiery boulder was currently careening toward them, until at which time my boss panics so much that he causes HIS boss to panic and actually get some equipment for me to test against.

    If you can't be sure it works on a real device, your not accepting the risk you might kill some..
    You're accepting the risk that when it DOES kill someone the company will blame YOU.

    You are setting yourself go legit go to prison guy.

    Get them on documentation or email or *something* refusing your request for better equipment.

    Get a lawyer and leave.

    This is not legal advice but is what I would do.
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