Ubuntu: Lulz your trackpad drivers don't work and there's no solution other than compiling them yourself or something it might not even work because it's for a different model but just hope and pray ok? also your wifi obviously fucking won't work. What, are you retarded?

Manjaro: Ye I gotchu. Mouse works outta the box. WiFi too

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    Just had this experience recently too after switching from KDE Neon to Manjaro!

    Smoothest switch ever!
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    Manjaro is the real people's OS.
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    Also Manjaro: but you wanna have dual graphics on your laptop? Nonono I only do trackpads and wifi.

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    @SparkyTD Linux and Nvidia.... Just fuck it!
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    I had to port a USB bus driver for my laptop from Linux kernel 2.x on Fedora to 5.x on Debian.

    It took a recompile using the provided makefile. That's all. No changes at all, it just works.

    Standards are important but if the driver maker wasn't fucking retarded you should still be OK if something's standard-breaking.
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    @SparkyTD Actually, get a Manjaro 19.0. If you got Intel iGPU and NVIDIA dGPU, it will now set up PRIME. So it works. Just needs to run applications (or the parent processes thereof) that you want to run on NVIDIA with "nvidia-xrun".
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    @Parzi Consider making it a dynamic kernel module. dkms is quite nice.
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    @kescherRant it's literally for one model of laptop that isn't popular and is hated for being large and heavy and a normal, fully-socketed laptop in the days of paper-thin netbooks with 32GB of NAND and 1GB of RAM and explosives that go off if the insides are exposed to air.

    It also has an Intel FakeGPU so no laptop-gamers want it either.
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    Shhhh, linux fun boys will insult you. If you don't recompile kernel manually when changing screen resolution (Or plugin USB key), you are doing Linux wrong
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    But, seems a kind of linux I could at least try
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