I've always been a tech fan. Made my first site when I was 12, but I stopped at HTML and CSS. Now I started coding, and here I am - 24y/o studying pointers in C. I don't even php.
Am I too late? How old were you when you first started coding?

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    It is never to late. I didn't really get my career off the ground until 27.
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    I started learning at 12, first paid for a website at 14. but I'm an exception not a rule, while alot of people pickup programing young most don't make their money until college age or later so you're right on schedule
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    Welcome to devRant! You have plenty of time. You are very young. Learn and enjoy the journey 😀
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    I think you're never too late for much of anything in life. If you want something bad enough you will work hard and make it happen. Stay focused!
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    It's never too late, especially not at your age. You've still got your whole life ahead of you.

    I was 14 - 15 when I started learning for real. (C language)

    Studied HTML at age 12 at school but it was not interesting, so I never really gave it my all.
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    I'm 28, started my dev career a year ago. Never too late to learn.
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    Html at 14.

    My background is in advertsing/art direction/graphic design.

    Always thought programming was out of reach for me, like rocket science.

    Started a real carrer at coding at 32, about 4 months ago. Boss asked me to assume the Webdesign slot and gave me a a free get out of jail card, in case things went sour.

    Learned a LOT these last 4 months, mainly dealing with Html, Sass, Js, Php, Wordpress, Twig at work. At home, I'm currently trying my hand at Unity and C#, doing my own indie game project.

    Never been so tired, but I've never been happier.
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    I started programming not till last year. Im 21. And even I dont PHP✋
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    Started at 9!
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