Me trying to find a good risotto recipe.
Sister-in-law, PhD: What about pumpkin or courgette and salmon?
Me: ...
SIL: ...
Me: Could you add some parentheses?
SIL: (Pumpkin) or (courgette and salmon)?
Me: Much clearer, thanks! Go for courgette and salmon.

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    Must love the relation between you two.. I wish my SIL (or any other family member) thinks like me
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    For true risotto try (pumpkin) or (not pumpkin).
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    Why wouldn't you assume that's what she meant considering 'and' has higher precedence than 'or'?
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    Because... assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups
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    @BikerMouse especially when dealing with Italian recipes. And we're Italian.
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    You don't actually need those; 'and' binds more strongly than 'or'...
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