My intern found this... I'm glad he knows it's the truth

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    Where tf is your intellisense?
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    Nearly any modern IDE finds these errors for you nowadays...
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    @odite @linuxxx
    But not the interns...
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    I don't care what editor a developer uses.

    I use the Jetbrains IDEs for most things, Vim for most non-code text editing, VSCode for Latex, and sometimes Xed because it's default on Mint.

    But if I repeatedly see SYNTAX errors in someone's PRs, I will leap onto their desk wearing nothing but a loincloth, and smash their laptop to bits with my bare fists.

    There is no excuse. Pretty much every single editor will have the option to SCREAM in your face if you fuck up the syntax, usually built in, otherwise at least through plugins. It will draw red lines under the code, it will show various icons or squiggles in the open file tabs, it will alert you of broken stuff in the project file tree.

    And if your editor can't do it, there's linting tools for pretty much every single language ever created.

    *bittersweet turns green*

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    @bittersweet Let alone this, but you should also always build and test your version before pushing anything.
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    It seems like its a curse on every fcking intern. I mean for real, its 90% of the errors ...
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