I am thinking of getting a pine64 phone from people who know more about it than me should I
PS.I plan to use it as a portable developing machine for places I cant take my laptop

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    If you are questioning whether you should, I dare say—you shouldn't.

    The PinePhone is far from finished, and is for people who like to tinker, and contribute to the development of a free(ish) phone that gives you choices as to what you can run on it.
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    @SomeNone That is literally what they market it as why would I be asking if I hadnt seen the marketing?
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    Sounds like he's not interested in it as his daily driver, but rather the actual purpose of the phone: tinkering.

    Sounds like a fun project, to me. I say go for it.
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    Pinephones are developer mode only right now. If you have serious knowledge as to the interworkings of phones and hooking them up to various networks (hspa+,cdma,gsm,etc), go for it. If not, wait a bit so as to not dilute the supply for people pushing that boundary.
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