Today i was searching for vpn on google now guess what i am getting vpn ads everywhere. Google is evil

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    Google bad reeeeee

    Why the fuck you gonna use it then? It's your fault for consciously going to their site and using their products.

    Don't wanna hear ya bitching.....especially since there's alternatives like DDG.
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    Already using ddg. Search engine extension are added on browser. I was using google unconsciously. Today my ads blocker was broken and boom ads everywhere. Thats got on my nerves
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    Did you end up with using ProtonVPN?
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    @asgs nordvpn because i got working account detail free
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    I've been pretty happy with privado.
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    Random plug for Mullvad
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    you want vpn just go for opera developer
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    @syed1hassan opera lacks much more features than other mozilla, chromium
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    Oh no, I went to a site looking for something and now that site is showing it to me.
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    @Jung don't use any ddg search extensions and whatnot: simply switch your main search engine to ddg in your browser's settings. Better browser startup performance and prevents you from accidentally using something else (unless you manually go to google.com)
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    I second mullvad
    Been using it for a few months now, supports wireguard, you can pay in cash if you want, no email/username just some generic ass account number
    Speed has also been great
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