Question Time.
Has anyone around here used Krita before?

Im trying to find something Photoshop-like that isn't GIMP - i've never really liked it for what ever reason.

i dont do design work enough to pay Adobe's BS subscription, but something opensource / donationware would be more appealing.

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    Affinity is a pretty good middle ground

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    Gimp must not exist. Worst software ever. Krita is really good. It is free, has mostly same functionality to Photoshop, and is expandable with extensions. It's also open source as far as I know, but don't quote me on that

    8/10 would recommend

    Latest art from Krita
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    I use exclusively krita. its f-ing good
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    @M1sf3t ooh nice brushes

    @shoop there's extension? You might have just sold me.

    @SortOfTested I've used affinity before, it felt like I needed a giant monitor to fit everything on the screen.
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    The gimp retouching tools are second to only Photoshop (especially with Resynthesizer), but the UI and authoring tools are actually terrible
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    @C0D4 there are plug-ins, but I'm not sure of how flexible they are, I never needed to use them
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    @sashahilton00 not so easy anymore. subscription is validated online now.
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    @Jowsey 👀
    let me play with Krita, last time I checked PS didn't have a workaround.

    Worst part is the lack of use, I might need it a handful of times a year so can't justify the cost of it.
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