I started down my career path to make games. I have never really made anything good. I think I am finally fed up with not doing this. So I am going to be working on selecting a game engine. I want 3D, I want to experiment with voxels, I want a permissive license, I don't want something huge, I want to contribute back in a meaningful way, it needs to support 3D. So after looking around I found Godot. Another programmer who lives near me uses this as well.

Does anyone else have some good positive experience with game engines for smaller projects? I have played with UE4 and Torque3D/2D. I don't like the bloated feel of UE4 even though its a very cool engine. I didn't like their install system at all. T3D is old and not up to date.

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    Godot is catching on, and looks to be pretty excellent at maximizing individual contribution. And it won't eat your market share and control your distribution channel like UE perpetual license.
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    Godot would be a good engine if you want to contribute back. I can't say about 3D but Godot works pretty darn well for 2D used it to make a Bullet Hell shooter didn't run into anything major. I love it for 2D over Unity as of time being.

    But personally if you want to make a smallish/largish 3D game I would recommend Unity3D. It has way better UX over Unreal and pretty easy to get into. Plus Unity with their recent versions have open-sourced a lot of their stuff on GitHub. Also, you can get a lot of help if you run into problems.
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