Sh*t. I think I'm going to lose my job bc the CEO thought I was an expert on React even thought I specifically told him I wasn't. I worked at least 12 hours everyday, sometimes including weekends for 4 weeks now. And still got yelled at for not being an expert.

If you tell your manager: "I only used this tech in my spare time", would they expect you to be working at expert level?

I'm very confused and seems like noone is understanding my side.

Feel like sh*t rn because I really need this job because I'm broke but I dont know how to say to the CEO that I warned him and the team lead that I was not an expert. And yet, they treat me like one....

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    It's his fault. Fuck him. Hire-happy motherfuckers.
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    Also, everytime I'm about to finish the project, the team lead throws new sh*t at me and wanta new features. Meanwhile, the CEO wants me in another project.
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    Finally I talked to the team lead on Friday morning about solving the issue and then he gives me a list of 32 items to finish on Friday at 5pm.
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    Is this a startup? Because it sounds like a startup. You shouldn’t be interfacing with a CEO ... you should be interfacing with a PM that will go to bat for you.

    For your own sake (and sanity) I would get out of this position. I’ve been there; dealing directly with a CEO/founder that thought that because she had the initial idea (I won’t even say “vision”) every thought she had on a whim was 100% valid and relevant, when most of the time it was counter-productive.

    She would chase shiny objects rather than polish the meaningful objectives.

    That’s both professionally and personally deflating.
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    @sgorneau it's not a startup but a remote company. It had pretty good ratings and it's my second project with them. I was very happy with my first project because they put me in a position I was proficient with. You are right though. One more meeting that I get the blame and I'm presenting my resignation letter. (Still have to wait 14 days to leave though because of my contract...)
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    @nachocode Just curious... does the CEO get involved with minutia at all levels of the company? How many people are in this company?
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    @sgorneau I'm currently in internal projects so I'm working with a team of 32 ppl. Currently the company has over 200 people.
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    But because there is so much work, the team lead structure is hazy.
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    The moment you are at a workplace where you are yelled at as a dev is the moment to look for something else.

    Sadly this does depend on locale, but I assume most here are from the US, no?
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    Yes. Unfortunately, I live in Peru where a programmer gets payed a sh*tty income. So this job was a blessing until they made me develop something that was beyond my skill. I told them I was not an expert and they still wanted me to solve it and blame me for being late.
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    Also, my work served as the basis for other developer who are on time because I worked my ass off on making a clean structure for them and had to do Devops work. Something not related to my ticket.
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