My freind knows I do programing as a hobby - I do want a job but I am only 15 - so whenever he can he will leave a bracket open in a text message because he knows that I will respond instantly closing it. I can't stand looking at the eyesore!

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    Good training. Do you want to be a professional developer some day?
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    He leaves you unclosed brackets, you leave him unfinished sentences. 😜
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    @Jumpshot44 Yes actually I really enjoy programming. I just wish there were jobs available for 15 year olds. I really have got my head around all the concepts P.S. In my class my teacher gave me a task to make this simple program so I finished it in 15 minutes, it turns out that was the end of the year assignment that was meant to take 3 periods.
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    @MauriceDynasty it's a good thing that you like computer programming. Don't think about getting jobs right now. You can always get them later. You should focus on improving your skills. You can also look into some opensource projects and contribute to them.
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    @Siddharthkr93 thanks for the advice, I really do appreciate it
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