Uh... isn't 58% **exactly** "about half"??

"The ability to speak does not make you intelligent."

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    This cringe reeks of a "woke" political science social justice warrior.
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    @Root could just be a socialist type or something in that direction. It did only state age not gender nor race. That would be out of character for a SJW.
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    @p100sch Oh, so that's what SJW means. I thought it was some SW episode I didn't bother to think which. Or maybe a LOTR movie.
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    @p100sch It does say "she"
    Definitely feels socialist, though.
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    @Root @p100sch The content is actually rather unpolitical, but I still thought this was pretty fuckin dumb lmao
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    16 years is way to low of an age to measure employment. finish school, higher education and measure the country again at 22 years or older. her country may just be in great shape due to all the 16 year kids are in school and only the dropouts are employed.
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    Ah, the subtle yet significant difference I missed.
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    @scor @Ubbe

    2/3 is closer to 70%. This excerpt is dumb because the author is comparing "just over half" to "just over half" as if they are different.
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