VR/AR - inferior interaction with the computer, just like touchscreen are inferior to physical buttons
Microservices - having a stew of different coding standards will in the end introduce performance issues due to layers needed to reduce code entropy
Agile - programming was and always will be creation on existing technologies. Every library writer who follows Agile is making a hellhole for anyone above the layer of abstraction
Web freedom and Anonymity - At this point it should be obvious already, this fad took 30 years too long

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    Disagree on vr: it's awesome for entertainment

    Totally agree on the rest (including ar)
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    @M1sf3t It works on phones, but I hate it in cars (looking at you tesla)
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    About the first: VR needs a well defined working hardware. It gives a lot back for entertainment though. AR is an upgrade to navigation and info been shown on screen. Your attitude to not wanting it on your car is what slows its development. It must first set well defined terms and conditions though.

    About the second: Agile was a change to perspectives. Instead of that, you had managers just playing the blame/game and guess who's going to hear it: the last on the food chain, the one that writes the code, the implementation which you are paying for. So instead of actually do it and get paid you can blame the one doing it and get paid for managing the fool. What? No, thanks. It might need a change in perspective even more (scrum, get over yourself already) but it is a must for software development. Software development is agile. If you are not, you cannot keep up with the never ending changing requirements.

    About the third: Why have my data and get paid for me? Pay me first
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    @lostinmyworld when you are driving you don't want to be distracted, that's why touch screen controls forces you to move your eyes to the panel. That's why it's bad. If there are buttons and knobs you can still 'feel around'

    Agile was made not because of the blame game, but to get a minimum product as fast as possible. I remember writing architecture and designing programs with math concepts in order to reduce bugs, back when it was natural to develop software in a timespan of 5 to 10 years. Now even 3 months seem like a long time.
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    I tried the hololens and I am quite confident AR can be used for extensive information displays and or controls
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