@dfox, I'm curious, are comments with 200+ rants eligible for a free stress ball?

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    Comments with 200++ rants?how high are you??
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    @manrock007 no, dude

    It's hi, how are you.
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    @DeveloperACE hahahahaha
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    @jmcaicedo tbh I did steal that from ifunny. Never thought I'd get to use it IRL
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    @DeveloperACE you deserve the ++ just for use it in the right place and the right moment
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    We don't explicitly say it, but we're more than happy to give the stress ball for comments meeting the 200+ criteria. I'm not sure if any do, but that would be quite an achievement and we definitely want to encourage quality comments.
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    @dfox feature request: comments with 200++ should appear in the feed as rants somehow! 😀
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    @manrock007 @dfox

    Ive currently got a comment with 156 ++s and its more than any rant I have =p
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