God, don't you love it when your team COMPLETELY IGNORES all the work you do, dismisses it outright, and then acts rude to you? And then when they do take one of your suggestions, they say 'wow you ACTUALLY contributed' as if you haven't been trying to contribute the whole time only to get ignored?!

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    I completed an entire project to great applause. They then proceeded to have the celebration lunch when I was out of town and awarded all the praise to the pm that was absent the entire project and the tester who did no testing, bloated the scope and risked the timeline continuously.

    Fuck people.
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    Save the date, quit today
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    @karma Augh, I WISH I could quit. Unfortunately, it's a group assessment for the class I'm in. Ironically enough, it's the 'communicating in an IT environment' class, too.
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    @LaurenKing22 oh, irony then 😂 fuck em
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    @SortOfTested Sounds about right... The higher up you are, the less work you do, and the more praise you get.
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    I feel for you, OP. I don't know why your contributions are being ignored. If they need improvement, then you should be getting feedback, not ignored. If they are solid, then they should be considered.

    Do you have someone senior to you who is interested in your career? If so, maybe address the issue with that person in a frank manner. If not, I recommend you prioritize finding that person at your current company or somewhere else.

    Edit: oh you're in school. In that case, I have no idea what you should do, but the stakes are much lower at least. This will pass.
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    @taylorswift I'll be honest, I was a bit of a mess for the first few classes, to the point where I was visibly distressed and had to leave. I had to stop seeing my councilor to attend these classes because of scheduling conflicts, so it was the first time in a while I had no support, emotionally, and I didn't take it well.

    However, by the time of the class I was ranting about, I was mostly back to normal (if a little fragile). I can understand being surprised that I was contributing.

    But most of the group refused to even look at my ideas. They dismissed an entire document of work because we 'don't need word counts' (on a presentation that is required to go for a certain time, so we kinda do need to meet a minimum word count). So all the info in that document was ignored.

    The teacher seems to like me so I could go to him, but I think I should make an effort to resolve it within the group first, considering this is a 'communicating in IT' class.
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    I like the idea of going to the teacher sooner rather than later. Your classmates dismissing your work without helping you understand what you can do better (or even reviewing your work at all) are harming your education. They may not intend to do that, but students need to protect thier own educational investments in my opinion. If you feel comfortable, ask them for constructive feedback and if they don't give it, I think it's time to talk to the Prof so you can get back to learning. Since this is a comms class, maybe ask the Prof what you can do better to get your ideas across to your unreceptive audience. Good luck!
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    @taylorswift Oh yeah, I don't want to leave it too late. I'm basically going to give it one more class of honest effort before bringing my concerns to the teacher.
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