Finally managed to install nvidia driver on my ubuntu laptop after a couple of fucked up resulting in me formatting the ubuntu partition. Im sure there are solutions which didnt require reinstalling the OS but I gave up trying after wasting about hours tinkering with the installation, and restarting into blank screen.

Now that I can work and play dota on ubuntu, Im ready to get rid of the windows 10 dualboot

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    Boss that's how the guide to Windows should be. Erase that with Ubuntu :D if you are not manager who needs Microsoft office and stuff
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    Similar thing , my only issue with Linux is that if you have just brought the latest components like they came out last week. You can come across driver issues ... You can get lucky but...

    I remember once the only way I could get it to work on my computer was to literally download the driver and install it without having a display that worked at all... Since basic drivers couldn't work out my hardware, I did it 4 hours later. Fun night.
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