I'm not sure 🤔

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    I'm currently learning how to code and I use google sooo much.

    However, when I don't need to google and I can code it from memory, it feels so good :P
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    Haha haha haha
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    When people ask me to fix something for them i think the same XD
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    I'm sure you're not "a good programming" maybe a good programmer yeah but definitely not a good programming.
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    @develrant I think it said im good AT programming :) just that pic res is bad
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    There a difference?
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    I know, I'm just good at googling
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    Why not both, s-coder-inger?
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    There is no shame in using documentation and reference.

    'Back in the day' we had phonebook sized books of documentation on our desks we would use constantly.


    No one is going to memorize a phone book sized book. Not to mention three or four of them.

    Being a good dev is about creativity, not memorization.
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    The laziest job.
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