You know what's awkward? Saying "hello" in response to someone who's actually just on the phone.

You know what's worse?

Seeing the phone in their hand, and knowing they are on the phone, but they turn their head to you, make direct eye contact, and THEN say "hey".

What are you supposed to do? It's awkward either way.

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    You slap their ass and say, "Heyyyyyyy!"
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    @rutee07 sometimes I poke my thumb up there on casual Fridays.
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    @AlgoRythm Deliciouuuuuuusss.
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    This is why I memorized every song on Illmatic. My mental map says the proper response to this is an on key recitation of "Life's a Bitch."

    Hasn't worked yet, but someday it will and I will keep that person.
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    Wave and walk away then catch up later.
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    That’s cool, at least they didn’t ignore you and leave you hanging so to speak, nothing to be embarrassed about.
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